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  • Extend the work of the late National Academy Scientist J. Herbert Taylor
  • Support basic research of fundamental importance to cancer and stem cell biology
  • Know that 100% of your contribution goes to research, none to overhead
  • Potential to interact and choose what aspects of research your dollars will support

ProfessorJ. Herbert Taylor was a giant among scientists who studied the tiny blueprints of life: chromosomes and cell reproduction. Now, with a generous endowment established by his wife, the late Shirley Taylor, the Department of Biological Sciences is able to honor Taylor's more than a half-century of pioneering work in molecular genetics with a fund that will support research to extend his findings, research that is of fundamental importance to cancer and stem cell biology.

Dr.David Gilbert

Any gifts given to the J. Herbert Taylor fund will go directly to support the research program of the Florida State University's J. H. Taylor Distinguished Professor, Dr. David M. Gilbert. Professor Gilbert's research directions were strongly influenced by J. Herbert Taylor and are a direct continuation of Taylor's work. This circumstance, in which a scientist's work is carried on by another researcher through an endowment in his honor, is unique and unprecedented in medical science.